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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Halloween & Dia de los Muertos Decor

I'm still working on my Halloween tablescape, tree and other decor for this season.  I thought I would share several pictures from previous tables, wreaths and other decor I have used around the house.   

Halloween tablescape a few years ago. 

Halloween place setting.  

I hung a deco mesh wreath over the dining room table.  

I used twine and to make a web in the wreath frame, painted it black and added a spider.  It looked really cool while sitting at the table having dinner. 

A few years ago Dollar Tree had the coolest skull chargers/platter.  Another blogger friend posted a tutorial on how to paint and make the platters look like stone.   I tried it and loved it.  

I painted the two that were used on the patio to look more like metal/pewter.  

Patio Halloween table. 

A few items I used on the tables.   The candle was made out of PVC pipe and I inserted a battery operated Christmas candle.  

The Dia de los Muertos table.  I painted the plates and plastic skull in the center with Sharpies. 

Dia de los Muertos place setting. 

This was my Halloween/Die de los Muertos combined tablescape last year.  I had just moved and had no time to really decorate like I normally do for Halloween. 

Dollar Tree carries large felt skulls.  I glued it on black heavy foam board and painted.  It makes a great door hanger.  

I used a piece of reclaimed wood and a Dollar Tree door knocker to make the Keep Calm sign a few years ago.  

One of my favorite projects.  I spray painted a Dollar Tree plastic skull with white gloss paint then used Sharpies to paint on the design.  

Dia de los Muertos wreath.   I used two of the Dollar Tree door knocker skulls and a Dollar Tree cross I had purchased at Easter for this wreath.   The skulls were painted with Sharpies.

Day of the Dead plates I painted with Sharpies.

I found these large/fat acorns in a friends yard in North Carolina a few years ago.  The minute I saw them I knew exactly how I would paint them for Halloween. 

This was my Halloween house display a few years ago.  I have added several more to the collection.  I painted a Fisher Price doll house that I found at Goodwill for $1.00 to look like a haunted house. 

The doll house I repurposed for Halloween. 

I hung this fun deco mesh wreath from the ceiling in my living room.  

This poor little witch tried to get in my door, but she didn't make it.   The pool noodle legs are covered with children's tights.  I used an old pair of my black pumps and painted the bottoms red.   She's a fancy witch!  

I made this little deco mesh ruffed witch wreath for my front door. I made the legs and handmade the paper shoes. 

This Dollar Tree pumpkin was covered with leopard print Dollar Tree duct tape.


  1. You are a very talented artist - if I tried to paint those skulls, I'd have a very different result! I love all your crafty ideas - I did make a pair of witch legs a couple of years ago, I may have to add red or orange to the soles of those shoes! Happy Halloween, may it be all treats and no tricks!
    PS. Are those Fiesta jack-o-lantern plates? I have one (and only one) which I LOVE, haven't found any more that I could afford. They are so happy and cute.

    1. Thank you Joy. I painted the soles red like Louboutins. I'll never buy a pair of the real ones, but my witch enjoyed wearing the knock offs. The plates are not Fiesta, but they look like it. I added the black to them about five years ago. I searched all over for jack-o-lantern plates, but no luck. Sooner or later I will run across a nice set. I found a set of four on eBay made by Fitz & Floyd, but they were too expensive. They wanted $60.00 for a set of four plus shipping. Have a Happy Halloween.

  2. Your decorations are so creative! I love how you have repurposed objects for your Halloween decor!

    1. Thank you Cynthia. I love finding items that I can turn in to fun treasures. Happy Halloween!

  3. Your decorations are so creative! I love how you have repurposed objects for your Halloween decor!

  4. creative and so fun. yes, I remember those chargers. Great job on creating them. Re-purposing is half the fun and so much savings. Loving your table setting. The witch is darling...Celever lady.

    1. Thank you Linda. I have enjoyed these chargers for a few years. Sure wish the Dollar store would carry them again so I could paint a few like sugar skulls. Maybe one day they will return. See you on Sunday for the DI & DI party.

  5. It's such a treat to visit your blog. You are so very creative, and a talented artist! Loved your "classy witch" and your door hangar. Bravo! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

    1. Thank you so much Rosie. I always enjoy decorating for Halloween. I fell 5 weeks ago today and injured my left arm. I'm a one armed decorator/crafter at the moment so I'm limited on my decorating, but trying to get it out and up.

  6. Oh my goodness! Your creativity is amazing. I love everything. But those dollar store chargers are so adorable for Halloween. I just don't remember seeing anything like them at my Dollar store. Loving the wreath as well.

    1. Thank you Valerie. Dollar Tree carried them for a couple years, but they haven't stocked them in three season now. I really wish someone would carry them again. I really want to paint a set with sugar skulls for my Day of the Dead table. Hopefully one day I will run across enough while thrift shopping.

  7. Totally creative and a pleasure viewing. -Brenda-