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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Veterans Day Tablescape

I designed this table in honor of all that have served our great country to protect our freedom.   I have many family members that have served in the armed forces and some have given their lives.   I want to personally thank all that are currently serving or have served to protect our great country. We will never forget your service! 

I found these military dolls in a thrift store in Boca Raton last week.  Someone had donated their entire collection of military figures all the way back to the Revolutionary war.  I wish I could have purchased the entire collection, but I had to narrow it down to the three in the centerpiece.   They are in excellent condition. I'm still trying to source the manufacture and age.  

Veterans Day place setting. 

The photos at each place setting are family members that have served our county.   The picture on the bottom left is my cousin-in-law Tommy and he is actively serving in the Air Force Reserve in Alaska.  His wife, my first cousin Cindy (pictured below) was also in the Air Force.  The lady on the top left is my Great Aunt Callie.   The two men on the right are my uncles and the top right is the Father of my cousin Cindy below.  

I had to include the canine military members on my table.  There are so many great canine members serving right along with our men and women to protect our freedom.   The military figurines are from Dollar Tree a few years ago.  They were a tan color so I painted them bronze.   I searched high and low for silk poppy's here in South Florida over the last couple of weeks, but no luck so I made my own.  I believe the UK observes Remembrance Day this coming Sunday the 13th. 


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  1. Wow this is amazing! You really did a wonderful table as a tribute to Veteran's Day. Love the center arrangement- what a unique find! I like how you added the pictures of loving family members who have served or are serving in the military. Great details all the way around!

    1. Thank you Liz! I think of my family members and all the military members that have served our country so bravely as I sit and have dinner.